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Anonymous asked:
Hi, my name is Elaine and I just opened up an Etsy shop this past month (It's called JolieGood). I am a Marine [veteran] wife myself and paint cake toppers specifically for military weddings. This might be a long shot but I'm trying to get my shop "out there" and I was just wondering if you could do a little post on it! If not I totally understand, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks! Elaine

I’m publishing this to hopefully get your shop out there. Feel free to send anything else about it if you’d like!

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My husband carrying me <3  iloveshitwasted.tumblr.com

My husband carrying me <3  iloveshitwasted.tumblr.com

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lizze237 asked:
Your blog is amazing!! About two weeks ago I met the man of my dreams and it was love at first sight for both of us. Sadly the air force cut his leave three weeks short to go to jump training before his six month tour in the middle east. He left a few days ago to head back to the east coast and we just decided to fly me out there tom so we can go get married and then once he's back we are having a big wedding. Thanks to you I have so many cute ideas now!!!

Thank you so much, I wish you both the best! Hope you keep enjoying the blog!

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iHeart Moments Photography


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